This is literally why I don’t have many girl friends and haven’t been in a relationship with females in so long.
A lot of them can be too sensitive and just outright rude.
I get having an opinion. I get being lonely. But when I tell you my opinion and you don’t agree with it, you shouldn’t try to make me look inferior. When I don’t want to talk to you because you have a boyfriend and I have a boyfriend…yet you incessantly flirt with me and I think that’s wrong, you shouldn’t call me names because I didn’t reply to your message.
Big fucking whoop. Someone doesn’t stoop to your level.

Get over it.

And to all the guys who have messaged me and have blatantly attempted to get in my pants: look at my personal info before you make an ass of yourself and I have to commence the EXTREMELY awkward topic of telling you I’m not available. And while you’re at it, stop attempting to make me appear as if I’m below you because you’re pissed off that your plan didn’t come to fruition. I’m sorry - actually, no I’m not - that you feel so victimized by the fact that I didn’t give you the attention you felt was justified.

Jesus Christ, people. I know it sucks not to get the person you want. I’ve been there, done that. But don’t make yourself look like so naive in the process!


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Don Kenn’s Monsters

John Kenn  was born in Denmark, writes and produces TV shows for kids, but in his spare time he enjoys with these fantastic and disturbing illustrations, made of Post-it.

In eleven hours, I’ll be doing my makeup.
In twelve, I’ll be driving to your house.
In fourteen, I’ll hug you for the first time.
Soon after that, our lips will cascade against one another’s.
Later on, you’ll take me on our first dinner date.
When it gets dark, we’ll do what we talked about - turn out all the lights and on with Netflix.
You’ll wrap your arm around me and my head will rest upon your chest.
I’ll listen to the steady beats of your heart as I pay little to no attention to the movie…
and just cherish you until the moment I get back into my car.

I can already feel your warmth enveloping me. If my mind can make it feel this good, I can only fathom how comforting it’ll be once we’re finally together.

You make me feel on top of the world. I haven’t had emotions like these in years.

Thank you.

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