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That makes sense I guess. Even still, don't let him push you.

I won’t. And he’s experienced enough to know when to back off. Maybe I just need to be a little more blunt. I’m a very lenient girlfriend, so :v

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Love the hair colour!

Aw, thanks sweetheart.

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Yo that's a rough situation. At the end of the day, you have to be comfortable with where you're at. If you're not at the same place as him, then you just aren't and you can't force that. Just make sure that what you're saying is being heard loud and clear haha make sure you are allowing yourself to have the level of comfort in the relationship that you emotionally need because that's what's most important is that you feel O.K. 👍

Thank you.

I mean, I’m happy with him… don’t get me wrong. But there are moments where I want to just crawl in bed and ignore everything.

He’s an incredible boyfriend, though. Don’t think I’m knocking him at all. He’s probably the most level-headed guy I’ve been involved with in a long time. We’re just on two different wavelengths. Like he’s been married… the most I’ve done is live with a boyfriend.

We’re just gonna have to give it some more time. But overall - I couldn’t see myself without him. I think that’s what’s most important.

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If you've told him to cool off and he won't, it's an issue. If he can't even control his excitement this what do you think other stuff is going to be like?

I’m not sure. I keep thinking maybe it’s because it’s a new relationship and he needs to learn how I work. So I’m trying to be patient with him, too.

What do you do about a boyfriend who wants to move forward in your relationship a lot faster than you do? I’ve talked to him about it already and asked him to be patient because I get overwhelmed and I’m still so young… but it’s like his excitement takes control of his mouth.

Any suggestions?

I actually feel pretty here…

Perhaps it might be a good idea to wear dresses more often.

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where do you work that allows you to have blue hair?! :)

I’m currently the manager of a convenience store that’s literally right beside my house. Talk about literal convenience, hahaha!

But my roommate is the owner of the store. I could walk in there dressed like I’m going to a club (which I’ve admittedly done before) and he won’t care.

You’d be surprised at how many compliments I get on my hair - from all different types of people ranging from little kids to elderly people.

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Last night, my best friend came over. We tried to take pictures of ourselves actually showing our faces but we despised them all, so this was the result.

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